Video game profits


In this blog, I’m going to show a specific niche where you can make passive income once you’ve done enough videos and got subscribers.

The niche that we will be monetizing is a gaming niche called DOTA.

It’s basically a game where some sort of monsters fight. Honestly, I don’t even like the game (ha ha). But I like the fact that it makes me money every month.

We will monetize our videos via Youtube Adsense which is pretty easy to get approved as long as you have quality videos in your channel.

In the next page, I’ll show you the blueprint to make money using the fast cash method #2.

The Method

Here’s the exact step by step method in a nutshell.

Step 1 – Installing DOTA 2

You’re gonna need to install dota in your computer. I’ll teach you where to get it.

Step 2 – Create Youtube Channel

You’ll then create a video optimized for DOTA.

Step 3 – Recording Game Highlights

This is the video that we’ll show to dota fans. I’ll teach you what games to record.

Step 4 – Video Editing

You don’t want a badly edited video. You won’t make money if your videos sucks.

Step 5 – Uploading Your Video             

This is one of the most important steps. If you optimized your videos right, viewers will automatically find your videos, which means less promoting for you.

Step 6 – Promote Your Video

We don’t want to rely in just 1 traffic source. I’ll teach you where to promote your videos for maximum viewership.

Step 7 – Rinse & Repeat

Pretty self explanatory. You will not make a fortune just by uploading 3 videos in a month. You have to work hard specially at the beginning stages. After the hard work phase (a few months or so), you can start to relax a bit. I’ll also give you some other niches (games) where you can repeat the process.

Step 8 – Youtube Adsense & Video Monetization

I put this in the last step instead of step # 1 because I want you to create your videos first before you sign up for Youtube Adsense.