If you look at your keyword planner results after searching for

“HOW TO CURE” “how to eliminate”, you will see a tab that says AD GROUP IDEAS

This tab has thousands of keywords that you can choose from and Google has already compiled the keywords for you. This is one of my favorite ways to find low competition buyer keywords. You just have to dig deep and pick a niche, then attack it.


More Keyword Research Ideas

You can also search for keywords via niches.

Here are the most profitable niches at the moment.


Dating Advice


Weight Loss

Payday Loans/Finance

Body Building

Women’s Products



Any specific health problem 

So how do you exactly do it? I’m glad you asked.

Choose a niche and go back  to

For the sake of example, Let’s say you chose the “any specific health problem” niche. As I’m writing this, I felt a bit of back pain and it gave me an idea, why not choose this niche?. If you can’t think of any specific health problem then just go to Google and type “ top 10 common health problems”.

Alright, so I chose the BACK PAIN niche.

What I would do is type BACK PAIN on google keyword planner.

On the AD GROUP, I’ll just choose one group.

I chose the CURE BACK group.

Here’s why,

I usually go for an ad group with at least a minimum of 2,000 searches combined.

I want you to download your chosen adgroup. We will use this later.

Finding Products To Sell

Once you got your keywords, it’s time to see if there are products in the Amazon market that we can sell.

NOTE: We can also rank for “product name review” instead of just our chosen keywords. I’ll explain this later in detail.

For now, Go to and search for keywords/products related to backpain. it could be books, chairs, mat, foam seat etc.

I usually go for products priced at $20 and above.

Here are some of the products I have found on this market.

I also recommend getting as many product ideas as possible.



Another awesome technique to find keywords is to search for products that are already selling well.

Use the Amazon best-seller category to find top 100 products that you can review.

Any niche would be fine as long as you choose something in the top 100.

However, if this is your first time trying to create a review, I would suggest that you go with the biggest niches like skincare and weightloss since there’s almost unlimited traffic there.

You may also want to promote something that has a minimum price of $20.

If it’s a $10 product, make sure that you can also recommend a substitute or a complimentary product to promote.

The more products you review and promote, the more money you’ll make.