Step 3 – Recording Game Highlights


We don’t need to record the whole game, some people do watch whole games but I’d rather focus on creating 3 videos a day with 5 minutes length each than a one 1 hour video.

First, launch camtasia and then DOTA 2.


You will then see a list of premium, professional and amateur tournaments.

We’ll just focus on premium and professional since those are where the game worth watching and recording happens.

Some of the premium games will cost you $10, normally you could see some 80-100 games on that $10 premium. Not all people will bother paying these fees, if you want an advantage and less competition, buy the premium games and record them all.

What Games To Choose:

I normally record anything under premium and professional. Just don’t bother with amateur and you are set.

To choose a game, click the dropdown arrow.

You will see something like this one below.

Click another dropdown and choose a game.

Click the download button.

After downloading (2-10 minutes)

Click Watch Highlights.

And then open your recorder, then CLICK record on your camtasia. Or you can press F9 instead of manually clicking record.

Wait for the highlights to finished and then stop recording. Press F10 for the STOP recording shortcut.

To Summarize

1 – Select a game/tournament

2- Download the replay

3- Watch Highlights

4- Record from start to finish

5 – Save and Edit

Step 4 – 1 Minute Video Editing

We want this process to be pain free and easy.

Once you recorded your video, click save and edit.

Save the file on a new folder.

Once Camtasia launches, a window will pop up, asking you to edit the dimensions. Select “1280×720” and click on “OK.”

Cut the part where the game doesn’t start yet. Also, cut the part at the end where you’re still recording even when the game already ended. And voila! your finished! Seriously.

Open the “File” menu and select “Produce and Share.”

Select “MP4 only (up to 720p).” Name your video and save it to your

hard drive.