Sell via Facebook

Just in case you haven’t realized it yet, everything that you’ll learn from this blog are almost all basic stuff. You wanna know why?

Because it’s all you need to go from zero to $1,000-$3,000 per month!

Once you got the budget, then you can learn the advance stuff everyone is talking about. Believe it or not, I really care about your success, that’s why I made this blog as cut and dry as possible. Do this, do that – get this result.

Expect more of the same for this chapter.

Now let’s create some FB ad.

Click on the right side of your facebook profile and find CREATE ADS.

Before creating an actual AD, you will be asked to CREATE A PAGE FIRST. If you haven’t done that yet, create your page first, add display picture, cover photo and a simple explanation of what your page is all about.

Click SAVE and voila! You now have a new page.

Back to creating our ad…



I always start with UNITED STATES only and for age, it‘ll depend on your target market.

Do a little bit of research and a little bit of “google-ing”  before you choose your AGE target.

Most Game of Thrones fans are young adult/adult. So that would be from 21-35.

There are also a lot of women and men so I would choose ALL.

For the INTEREST, I would choose between 5-10 GENERAL audience. What I mean by general is an INTEREST with at least 500,000 likes each.

The POTENTIAL reach should be between 1 Million and above, anything lower than that will be harder to data and test stuff.

I would choose a daily budget of $10 but you could start with $5.

I just want to get faster results.

Test it for 5 days.

Change the name of Ad Set Name.


Go to the lower right side and click REMOVE for other types of ads. We will just focus on DESKTOP for now.

Mobile news feed can be NOT removed if you want to.

Next step is to add a text copy inviting them to your website.

Next is to add an IMAGE.

This is important! Try to make this as simple as possible.

You can just use the image that you use in your product page, but try to add a little bit of text of your ad image, something that will encourage them to click on your website.


Whole ad says “Everyone in Westeros (land of GoT characters) is raving about this pendant!

Choose the right image size so it can fit well, not like what I did with this ad. You see? Even I am learning from this blog!

Best image size is 600 x 600.

Next step is to change call to action to SHOP NOW.

And then PLACE ORDER and you’re done!

View the next page for more instructions on how to test and scale up to thousands of dollars per month.


Want to know the secret of a truly profitable shopify store?


I don’t care if you’re Einstein genius or whatever, even the best Facebook marketers out there needs to test campaigns before they found the most profitable one.

So here are the steps to achieving your income goal.

1 – Find 3-5 products to promote that hits our preferences.

2 – Promote 3-5 products via FB AD (“General Audience“– re-read the fb chapter if you don’t understand what I’m saying). Use $5-10 budgets per day per product ad.

3 – Test for 5 days each

4 – You should find one product that will convert better than the others

5 – If not 1 product is converting, go back to step 1

6 – Create another ad set for the product that is converting. This time, change the audience and get more targeted interest. Also change the AGE and GENDER if you want to.

7- Rinse and Repeat. There’s no magic trick that will magically make your product convert. The secret is to TEST the market and see how they react to your offer.

4 – Sell via Google Free Traffic

SEO itself is such a big topic I can write a whole new blog about it.

What I’m going to do is give you the most important guidelines to follow to get your website/blog ranked on the first page of Google. If you want to rank in Google for 2016, then you will need a Private Blog Network (PBN).

A private blog network are your own cluster of websites that you will use to link to your website.

Ex. Your website is about  “ICE CREAM MAKER”

If you want to rank for terms like, ICE CREAM MAKERS and ICE  CREAM MACHINE –  then you will need your own PBN.

Once you bought your own PBN, these PBN will link to your blog using the keywords you want to rank for


 So how do we build a PBN?