The more viewers you have, the better. Once you activate monetization, Youtube will automatically flash ads on your video, ads that are somehow related to your videos. Once people click on these ads, that’s where the money comes in. The pay per click will depend on the competition. To be honest, I don’t know how to compute it. Some ads pay .15 cents per click, some 0.38. it really depends on the quality of ads that Youtube will put in your videos.

Tools Of The Trade

Before we start the actual process, you’re gonna need the following tool to make money via this method.

Personal Computer (PC)

You need a decent computer to install DOTA 2. It has a fairly advanced graphics, and a good graphics means a better quality video recording.

Youtube Account

If you have an old account, use that one. Just make sure that you can still change the name of your account.

Youtube Adsense

You will use this to receive your payments. Some countries doesn’t allow direct monetization from youtube, that’s why you need an adsense account.

Recording & Editing Software

I use CAMTASIA in all of my videos. It’s a screen recording  and editing software. Basically an all in one tool for video creators. It cost a few hundred bucks for lifetime access but it’s well worth it.

Step 1 – Installing DOTA 2

Before you install DOTA 2, you need to download STEAM first. Which is some kind of mother of online game stores.

Once installed, create a free account.

Then search for DOTA 2 and download the game. It’s free.

It may take you a while before you finished your download, it’s a big file.

Once you complete your download, Go to library tab on Steam and click on PLAY (Dota 2 of course).

Then open the Settings by clicking the gear button on the upper left of the screen. Then open the VIDEO tab.

Next to the DISPLAY button, click the dropdown and choose borderless window.


And you’re done for now.

Step 2 – Create Youtube Channel

We have to create a youtube channel specifically for DOTA 2.

Click the link below to get a good example.

For starters, there’s only 3 important factor to consider for your channel (besides the videos itself).

The first one is the CHANNEL NAME

Make sure that you choose a name that relates to DOTA.





The second factor to consider is your cover image. Make it look good. Hire someone on fiverr to create it for you. It shouldn’t cost your more than $10.

The third one is your Profile Picture. For this one, I suggest that you find some DOTA characters in Google Images and choose one.