Finding Expired Domains

What we will do is find expired domains and NOT expiring domains. Expiring domains are super expensive and overrated in my opinion. You can get the same power from a $150 website and a $11 by using the method that I will teach you.

1st step:

The first thing you need to do is go to and register.

It’s FREE.

2nd Step


Click EXPIRED and double click ADVANCE.

Set the following filter and leave everything else as is.

MOZ – DA: 10 to (leave blank)

On Extensions tab: Click NONE and then click .org .com

I usually click .org only since most high quality domains are from past organizations. But .com and .net are also good.


Click Search

After getting the results. Sort it out to HIGH MOZ DA



When searching through these websites we have to find something that we can BUY NOW which means a domain name that is available for purchase.


When I check in I found out that it is available.

Will I buy it? Off course not. We have to check its metrics first.

Ahrefs  and  Open  Site  Explorer

­‐  Because  of  their  tight  daily  quota  with  free  plan,  I’m  selective  with  which  URLs  I  check. 

For opensite explorer ­‐  I  only  use  them  to  doublecheck  domains  I’m  having  second  thoughts  on

I personally use and have a paid account. What you can do to have a FREE account is to sign up, paid it and cancel before their trial of 7 days is over. You can build a great PBN in less than 5 days so you won’t need it for 7+ days unless you are continually building your network.

After you sign up (sign up as SILVER), this is how we know if a domain is a BUY or a DUD.

On the picture below, I use a different domain to show how a healthy site should look like. Please know that not all of the metrics I will tell you should have to be follow. Use your judgement. If a site seems spammy and has NIKE, Buy gold watches and other spammy keywords in it. Don’t buy it.


-­‐  Citation  Flow:  10+

-­‐  Trust  Flow:  10+

—-3:1 or  4:1 external backlinks to Referring domain ratio

-­‐  Anchor  text  distribution  doesn’t  look  spammy

-­‐  Go  to  “backlinks”  tab

-­‐  Turn  on  SEO  Quake  (download  it  if  you  don’t have it  -­‐  it’s  free)

-­‐  Check  out  all  links

-­‐  We  are  looking  for  quality  backlinks  with  PR

-­‐  Avoid  any  links  from  foreign/porn  sites

-­‐  Citation  Flow:  10+   – CHECK

-­‐  Trust  Flow:  10+   – CHECK

—- 4:1 external backlinks to Referring domain ratio – CHECK

-­‐  Anchor  text  distribution  doesn’t  look  spammy  – CHECK

Click on the Anchor Text bar and see if the anchor text that are pointing to the site is related to the name of the website. If the website is called and anchor text are computers, c+, ruby on rails etc. then it is most probably good and not spammy. Again, use proper judgement.

-­‐  Go  to  “backlinks”  tab  – CHECK

Click on the websites below.

-­‐  Turn  on  SEO  Quake    – CHECK

-­‐  Check  out  all  links

Check if the websites have pr in them, you’ll find out using SEO QUAKE.

-­‐  We  are  looking  for  quality  backlinks  with  PR

If it has PR 1,2,3 and even 4 and 5. It’s a good sign.

Check if links are LIVE. – CHECK

Right click on the website and click VIEW PAGE SOURCE

Ctrl+Fand type the anchor text that you are looking for?

Is it there? AWESOME

-­‐  Avoid  any  links  from  foreign/porn  sites – CHECK

Next Step. BUY IT and Set up the domain and hosting.

Rinse and Repeat.