“Hi, I’m Annie, I’m here to give your tweet 1,000 re-tweets for only five bucks exclusively here on Fiverr! Take a look at my portfolio for some samples of my work on my gig page below. I’m fast and guarantee a high quality service.

Some awesome gigs with video sales letters:


In the description part, simple told them what they are going to get. No need to get fancy and over promise. Simple tell them what they’ll get and voila! you’re done.

The simple formula for your description could be:

1 – Tell them what you offer

2 – Give them the exactly what they’ll get for the price

3 – Give the exact step by step instructions on how your service works and when will they get the end product

4 – Also, tell them the duration of the order, deadlines etc.

4- Ask for an order or any call to action

The best way to explain this is through examples, here are some gigs that you can model for your own.


You are only allowed 5 tags for your gig. Make them count, use the keywords you want to target for your gig.

If you are targeting facebook likes, then go again on the search box and look for more keywords to add in your tag.

4 – How to Make More Money via Upselling

Upsells could be the difference between $50 and $500 income.

Before asking for another sale, make sure that you ask for feedbacks on your upfront services.

Send them as message like this one.

“Hey John, thanks for purchasing one of my services. I wuld really appreciate if you can give a feedback on Fiverr. I’ll also give you special discounts on the future just for giving a feedback! Thanks!”

For your upsells, don’t try to re-invent the wheel. You just simply have to copy whatever other people are selling on your market and then do it better.

If your niche is on article spinning, I would search it on Fiverr and look at other services and then see if they have other services or extra gigs.

I found this one while searching for article spinning.

Most of your income will come from your backend!

You can offer the same thing, maybe even change the name of the extra gig to something much cooler sounding name.

The most important part is to always offer more than 1 extra gig. The more extra gig you have, the more money you’ll make.