FIVERR Blueprint

Profile Creation

If you haven’t registered for a free account yet, simply go to and click START SELLING

Display Picture/Profile Photo

If you are a women, make sure that you put your most neat and hd photo in your profile picture. Women tends to get more sales on Fiverr, I have no idea why, it is what is though.

If you are a guy, then no worries, you can also put your most neat and hd photo.

Whatever happens, don’t leave your profile picture blank.

Something About You

Out of the gate, give them what they are looking for. What are your expertise and your services. At the end of the brief bio, ask for a call to action.

Example: “Check out my gigs for as low as 50% of their market value!”

“ Kindly check out my gigs all for starting price of $5!”

I can communicate in

Just write any language you know besides english. If you don’tknow any other language then just write ENGLISH.


If you still haven’t created your Fiverr account, then please, go to now and register for a freakin’account. It’s important that you get set up ASAP!

Fiverr levels gives you credibility as a seller and gets you more trust (which means more sales) for you and your services.

Level 1 requires 30 days membership and 10 minimum orders with excellent rating.

Aim for this ASAP because another benefit of being on level is the ability to offer extra gigs or upsells.


Level 2 requires you to be at least 60 days as a member and 50 orders with excellent ratings.

Another benefit of being on level 2 is the ability to offer 3x extra gigs up to $40 per gig.

This is the goal of most Fiverr sellers but you don’t really need it to get thousands of dollars worth of Gigs.

Top rated sellers are chosen by Fiverr itself.

Benefits are 4x extra gigs up to $100 per gig.