Find Amazon Keywords

You can use all the software in the world, the best seo ranking keywords software, all the keyword finder but it won’t do you any good unless you know if these keywords are “buyer keywords”.

You can find lots of keywords with no competition but are they going to make you money? I doubt it.

How can you tell which keywords are good then? Well there are many

answers to this question.

There are essentially 3 main types of keywords:

  • Broad keywords
  • High search volume
  • Difficult to rank for
  • Low Buyers intention (very low)
  • Long tail keywords
  • Lower search volume
  • Easier to rank for
  • Higher buyers intent
  • Buyer keywords
  • Lowest search volume
  • Easiest to rank for
  • Highest buying intent

What I recommend my students to do is to focus on long tail keywords and buyer keywords.

If you are a beginner or even an intermediate SEO/Affiliate marketer, I would suggest that you stay away from broad keywords. Just don’t do it. You’ll just waste your time.

I would always start search for a “buyer keyword” because they have the best chance of converting. These are keywords that people are searching for because they want to buy a specific item or solve a specific problem.

In order to find buyer keywords, we need to look at it as a PROBLEM keyword. The people who search for these terms wants a specific problem to be solve.

You can start with your own problems and then find other people’s problems.

The difference between buyer keywords and other keywords is the mindset between them.

For example, the keyword “what is back pain” has a different intent than “buy back pain chair”. They are both searching for the term backpain but the other one is looking to cure the allergy problem.

More examples;

“What are warts”   –              How to cure warts fast

“causes of backpain”  –              how to cure backpain fast

This is not science. You just have to think how logical it is.

Always ask yourself, Are the people searching for this keyword are typing it because they want to buy something or they want to solve a problem? IF YES then you have a buyer keyword.

The KW Research Process

With this method, you can find low competition buyer keywords that you can easily rank. You can also replicate this in any niche.

Go to Google keyword planner and sign in. It’s free as long as you have a gmail account.

I’ll then type “how to” , “how to eliminate” ,“how to cure” or “where to buy” on the search bar and look at the results.

You will see lots of buyer keyword ready for you to fetch. Most marketers don’t do this way of research because they have no idea about it, they just follow some random guru and follow their methods.

You will find hundreds or thousands of keywords using this method. Most of these keywords have low competition and are super easy to rank for.

Just choose a topic and download these keywords.