Expired Domains -­‐ WordPress Plugins

1)  404  to  Start

-­‐  So  we  ensure  all  inner  pages  from  the  expired  domain  re-­‐direct  to  the  Homepage

-­‐  So  we  don’t  miss  out  on  any  potential  juice

2)  WordPress  Backup  to  Dropbox

-­‐  We’ll  be  using  cheap  hosting  for  each  expired  domain

-­‐  If  any  cheap  hosting  company  fails,  we  rest  assured  our  site  is  safely  backed  up

-­‐  Make  sure  to  go  to  the  settings  and  synch  the  new  site  with  your  Dropbox

3)  Spyder  Spanker  Plugin

(This is optional – just to be safe)

a)  Prevents  spyders  from  engines  like  Open  Site  Explorer  or  Majestic  SEO  to  crawl  your  site

-­‐  This  way  you  can  prevent  other  SEOs  snooping  around  &  reverse  engineering  your website

-­‐  If  you  want  to  install  this,  you  will  need  to  purchase  it

PBN  -­‐  Hosting

1)  Different  IP  Hosting

I  use  cheap  hosting  $1/$2  per  month

Each  PBN  site  is  hosted  with  a  different  host

Hosts  spread  around  the  world

Create an excel to keep track of your hosting and domains

I  also  use  Hosting  companies  that  offer  data  centers  around  the  world

2)  Full  list  of  Hosting  Companies  I  use

  • http://www.hostbunnies.com/
  • http://www.ramhost.us/
  • http://www.st-­‐georgehosting.com/
  • http://ihost4you.net/
  • http://www.1dollar-­‐webhosting.com/
  • http://cheaphostingbd.com
  • https://www.3ix.org/
  • http://www.hostbig.com/
  • http://hostripples.com
  • https://1dollarwebhost.com/
  • http://www.expertwebhost.net/
  • http://www.mytruehost.com/
  • https://secured.halfdollarhosting.com
  • http://freewebhosting.uk.to/
  • https://www.hostisto.com/
  • http://www.hostabulous.com/hosting-­‐plans.html
  • http://www.webhostwala.com/cheap-­‐web-­‐hosting.html
  • https://www.talehost.com/
  • http://limenex.com/traditional-­‐web-­‐hosting.html
  • http://www.hostpair.com/
  • https://shockhosting.net/shared-­‐hosting.html
  • http://www.cnahost.com/shared-­‐hosting.php
  • https://www.komodosites.com/web-­‐hosting-­‐plans.php
  • http://holderhost.com/sharedhosting.php
  • https://www.starwebhosting.co.uk
  • https://www.hosthoarders.com
  • http://wooservers.com/services/web-­‐hosting/
  • http://www.intellyhost.com/
  • https://www.levelhosting.ca/order/cart.php
  • https://service.iitsp.com/cart.php?gid=8
  • https://my.hostmantis.com
  • http://www.nosupportlinuxhosting.com/
  • http://geekshosted.com/
  • http://www.hostlumina.com/Shared_Hosting.html
  • http://www.hostclimb.com/hosting.html
  • https://secure.ferngullygraphics.com/cart.php?gid=1
  • http://peakservers.com/webhosting-­‐promo.php
  • http://beastvm.com/
  • http://obiztek.com
  • https://www.nonameinternet.com/

3)  Full  list  of  Hosting  Companies  I  blacklisted  (terrible  service)

  • http://www.onedollarwebhosting.us/
  • http://peakservers.com/webhosting-­‐promo.php
  • http://clamhost.com/index.html
  • http://www.ramswitch.com/web-­‐hosting/
  • http://www.17centhosting.com/
  • stallionhost.com
  • http://www.ironcladservers.ca/shared/
  • http://www.hostmastered.net/hosting.php
  • http://dollarseohosting
  • http://jump-­‐systems.com/


Post unique content on your website 500- 1000 words.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the website you are linking to and your PBN have a different hosting.

Also, try to use your PBN only 3 times when linking to your money sites.

90% of  the  backlinks  should be directed to your inner pages and   10%  to  your  Homepage.

That’s basically the entire process on how to get ranked on Google in 2015.

SPAMMY cheap links still works today but I won’t use it on my website. I don’t want my website to get banned by Google.

5 –  Fulfill the Products

This could be a little bit boring and tiring once you get a lot of orders already. What you can do is to hire someone to manually do it for you.

Once you get an order, you will see it on the ORDER tab and you can click the name of the buyer to see his/her shipping information.

You will then order the product on EBAY or ALIEXPRESS and simply change your address to whatever the address of your buyer is.

Also, leave a note that if possible, don’t put their brand name on the shipment since you’re doing a dropshipping project.

It’s the same process with any other sellers.

Just put an order and change the shipping information to your BUYER’S SHIPPING INFO.

The biggest determinant of your success…

Wanna know the secret to a super-profitable aliexpress-shopify website?


That’s it!

There is no magic formula, no magic button and no secret fb ad tactic.

Just sell something they are already buying.

To be honest with you, not all of your products will sell thousands of dollars immediately. But once you understand how everything works, got some experience and a few mistakes – you’ll then create a massive income from Aliexpress.

Good luck on your journey!