Create a Video Review

There is no “set in a stone” formula for creating video reviews but I have found some tactics and important things that you need to discuss in order to create a good product review.

Here are my 7 guidelines on creating a product review.

Please take note that you don’t have to follow or apply all of them in just 1 video.

But the more of these you use for your video, the better your video will be.

#1 – Educate then Sell

Most people just immediately try and sell the product. They say the pros of the product and then ask them to buy it.

That’s not gonna work.

There’s too much competition and you need to be better than that!

The perfect solution is to educate your viewer first about the product.

Tell them the following:

What is the product name?

What does it do?

How long have you been using it?

Is it effective? Why, why not?

Have you recommend it to a friend?

#2  – Use HD if Possible

Not all of us can afford HD cameras that are hella expensive.

The best camera that you can use is the one you already have.

Use your iphone or any smartphone you have.

Most phones today have pretty good video quality as long as you find the right angle and lighting.

#3 – Say the Pros and Cons

Don’t just mention the pros, that not believable. Mention some cons but obviously, don’t mention some deal breakers.

Anyway, I would assume that you would only recommend something that works and is actually useful.

#4 – This is right for you if… This is not for you if…

One of the best tactics I learned from watching hundreds if not thousands of product review is that if you tell them if it’s for them or not directly, they will love you and they will buy the product from your link (amazon associate url).

Have a portion of the video dedicated to telling them if the product is for them or not.


#5 – Recommend a Substitute

If the product is not a perfect fit for them then recommend a substitute product that may be a better fir for them.

By doing this, you’ll get a chance to sell another product. (You’ll also add your Amazon affiliate link below the video)

#6 – Tell a Story

If you have an interesting story or if you have a friend who used the product in the past. Tell them about your/your friends experience in using the product.

People want someone who they can relate to.

Don’t be like a robot….

These are the pros…

These are the cons… bla bla bla

Tell them a story related to the product and they will love you!

#7 – Call to Action

Ask them to buy the product from your link!

Don’t be shy in doing this. Be honest with them.

Tell them that you’ll get an affiliate commission if they buy from that link.

If your review is really useful, they will use your link and they’ll be happy to do it for you.


Here are some video reviews on Youtube that you can model for your own promotion.

 Upload the Video

Here are the best practices when it comes to optimizing your video for seo purposes. Follow all of these as much as possible, this is really really important.

A.  Title

Your title should have the exact keyword phrase you are targeting.

B.  Short and Sweet

If you can make your video length, 5 minutes or less the better. No one really watches long videos on youtube except if it is a documentary or if it is about something they are really interested in.

C.  File name

Make sure that you file name has your main keyword in it.


The Google algorithm loves it when a file name is related to your video content because it let Google know that the video is about that topic.

It’s like you’re saying

“Hey Mr. G!, my video is about fiber supplements!”

And then Mr. G answers back – “Thanks men, I will reward you for that – I will give you higher google rankings!”

OK, this is getting weird but I know that you get the point.

D.  Title Stacking

Putting your keyword twice in the title will help your google rankings.

Make sure though that your title makes sense and you’re not just spamming the crap out of youtube.


Fiber Supplements Review – The Best Fiber Supplements of 2016

It repeats your keyword fiber supplements but with variation, by adding “Review” and “The best” + “2016”.

E.   Your channel name

Your channel name should be related to your keyword as much as possible.

Ex. Main keyword is “fiber supplement reviews”

Your channel name could be –




Just pick something that has some of your keywords in it.

F.   Tag Ripping

Find the most competitive and related videos to yours and copy their tags.

For instance, say your keyword term is “fiber supplement reviews.” Go and search the term in YouTube and see which videos come up. Then copy all the tags from the top 3 videos.

These people just did all the hard work for you! You just copy and paste all of their tags plus you never really have to do any grunt work.

G.  Description

One of the most important parts of your video is your description. It has three purposes.

First, it let the viewers know what it is they are watching.

Second, you can use it to link out to your website or to any website where you want your viewers to go

Third, it helps Google in determining what the content is about. It also helps in rankings since it is part of Youtube-Google algorithm.

You must put http:// on your url to make it clickable.

Today, I recommend that you put a 250 words description on your video. Tell them what they can expect in the video and put your website link on it.

H.  Annotation

It is good practice to put at least one or two annotations related to your topic. Don’t spam your video with annotations, your viewers might get irritated and leave your page.