Create a Shopify Website

Once you have a product to sell, it is time to create a website.

Go to this url and sign up for a free trial.

You have 14 days free trial then the price will depend on what plan you choose.

I recommend that you choose the BASIC plan which is $29 per month.

Don’t worry! It’ll pay for itself once you got a few sales! (it could happen literally 24 hours from now!)

Put your email address, password and your store name.

Choose a general store name that would match your chosen niche.

If you’re in fishing then it makes sense to put a FISHING related store name. If you’re a gift shop for wedding then use something related to weddings.

Then click “Next”

Then type your full information.

Click NEXT



Once you’re inside your account, you will see the following tabs.

Click SETTINGS first.


This is how you’ll accept and receive payments.

Just choose the first two options and don’t bother with other payment methods for now.

Most customers only use credit cards or paypal.

The next step would need confidential financial details but it is pretty much explanatory. You will have to put your banking information and then your paypal email for the PAYPAL option.

Don’t forget to click save.

The next step is to click CHECKOUT.

Use the following settings and then click save.



Next step is the SHIPPING OPTION.

There’s no one correct way to set this up.

The shipping will depend on what you want to charge and how heavy it is.

If you want to add a shipping option, just click the following and you’ll be required to put the weight and the shipping price per lbs.

Again, don’t forget to click SAVE.

I don’t mess with taxes and notification so we’ll just skip it.

The next step is to click ACCOUNT.

You need to put your credit card information here so you can continue your current shopify plan.

Next is to hover to ONLINE STORE and put some general information for your store.


Then click save.

You can also add Google Analytics account if you want to.

I just don’t mess with it as I only use shopify’s own stats.

We’re halfway so hold on for a sec!

Go back to your homepage and then click ONLINE STORE.

Then click on THEMES.

Then visit THEME STORE.

You can choose FREE or PAID themes.

Don’t let this eat your time! Just choose one and continue with your website.

Once you have chosen one, click INSTALL THEME and PUBLISH AS MY SHOP’S THEME.

The next step should be ADDING A CUSTOM DOMAIN but I suggest that you skip this for now. You’ll never really know if this one would be profitable until you run your Facebook ads so I don’t want you to spend $15 on a new domain. Just use that money for Facebook ad testing.

However, if you insist, you can click DOMAINS and BUY A NEW DOMAIN.



The next step is to ADD YOUR PRODUCT.

This will be the last step of CREATION, once you publish your product page, you will be ready to direct fb traffic to it.


I’ll be honest with you, I don’t try to be clever or try some high level copywriting with the product page.

All I need are beautiful product images and some simple sales page that I will (mostly) copy from the original sellers page.

So if you’re selling a Game of Thrones pendant, then your product page will look like this one.

Just copy paste this simple template for your own products.

I just screenshot images from the original seller, save it and upload it on my product page.

For the description, I add a few additional details like shipping and some CALL TO ACTION.

Then upload your images.

Put the price.

Then click save product.

Then click VIEW to see your product page.


Then save the URL on a notepad. We will use it for the next step which is Facebook ad promotion.

And you’re FINISHED!

Obviously, there are still other features to be explored but for now, just focus on the BASICS. These are the things that will make you as much money as fast as possible!